It’s the dead of winter here at home in Minnesota. Our days are short, the wind is howling, and the frigid temps are averaging in the single digits. Here at WorkOutLoud, we’re keeping warm by staying busy completely reinventing the way we’re going to support you and your business initiatives in 2018.

As you know, WorkOutLoud is an online collaboration solution that connects your brand to your customers, and your customers to each other. Over the next 12 weeks, we will be releasing a series of articles that describe how WorkOutLoud is planning to help you get ahead of your competition and take your organization and level of service to new horizons by leading the way in the online customer community marketplace.

Here is a sneak peak of our upcoming Reinvention strategies and topics:

  1. Why is Reinvention Necessary?
  2. Why Is Improving Customer Experience (CX) Urgently Essential for Your Business?
  3. The Ultimate Profile: Truly Understanding Your Customer
  4. 3 Ways a Customer Community Supplements Your Social Media Strategy
  5. How WorkOutLoud is Helping the Education Industry Reinvent
  6. Practical Artificial Intelligence & the Customer Journey
  7. Bolster Your CRM & Strengthen Your Pipeline with a Customer Community
  8. Digitizing the Benefits of Face-to-Face Events & Communication
  9. Analytics Impact on Your Customer Retention & Bottom-Line
  10. Integrated Platforms vs. Specialized Systems – Pros & Cons
  11. Double Threat: Messaging & Forums
  12. How WorkOutLoud is Helping the Manufacturing Industry Reinvent

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