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  • The Evolution of Customer Engagement
    The Evolution of Customer Engagement: The "Before, During, and After" Experience on Community Platforms The digital age has transformed the way bus...
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  • The Power of In-Person User Group Events and This Is Why...Learning, Innovation, and Networking
    What do you get when you combine brilliant minds, industry leaders, and a thirst for knowledge? The Infor East Coast Mega Meeting 2023, of course! Thi...
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  • How to Stay Away From Webinar Crickets!
    Suggestions to help you keep the attention of your online audience during webinars. Isn’t it awful when conducting a webinar and you ask the audien...
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  • Who Is Running Your Company?
    It is NOT the CEO that runs the company, it’s the customer’s voice that drives the company to successful growth and opportunities. Although, the CEO i...
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  • Happy New Year!
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  • Special “Thank You” to all participants of IMUG's virtual event, powered by WorkOutLoud Venue™ and session videos
    This is a special “Thank You” to all of people that participated in attending the Infor Midwest User Group (IMUG), Spring 2022 event. If you missed th...
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