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So, what’s in store? Here’s a list of the next Infor user groups that are on the radar*:

East Coast Mega Meeting 2023: Two Days of Learning, Innovation, and Networking

What do you get when you combine brilliant minds, industry leaders, and a thirst for knowledge? The Infor East Coast Mega Meeting 2023, of course! This gathering hosted by the Southeast and MRLUG Infor User Groups in sunny Orlando, FL proved to be an invaluable event that brought professionals together to share insights, learn, and connect on a human level.

In today's post-Covid digital era, face-to-face meetings carry a special significance. The East Coast Mega Meeting stood as a testament to this. More than just presentations and workshops, the meeting was a melting pot of ideas, offering participants the chance to network, ask questions, and gain insights from experienced professionals.

So, what was the buzz at the East Coast Mega Meeting 2023? Sit back, relax, and let's explore the highlights and firsthand experiences of those who attended this gathering.

Session Takeaways

From welcoming networking sessions to in-depth presentations, the East Coast Mega 2023 was an event filled with learning, interactions, and innovation. Here's a round-up of the themes and topics covered during the course of this insightful event:

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Our event started with a fun-filled trivia night hosted by RPI Consultants where attendees got to interact and network. It was a mix of intellectual challenge and engaging conversation over food and beverages. The evening's theme was about building connections and sharing insights.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Day 1 kicked off with a hearty breakfast followed by a welcome session from the event organizers. The day was dedicated to in-depth sessions on various topics.

  • Updates and Developments: The event served as a platform for updates on key products and services. There was also an in-depth session on building strategic roadmaps for Human Capital Management (HCM), defining goals, and planning long-term projects.
  • Harnessing Data: Attendees got the chance to explore the challenges of data access in a cloud-based world, with guidance on comprehensive reporting, analytics, and third-party integrations.
  • Financial Automation: This event showcased innovative financial automation tools designed for cash application, collections, and deductions management.
  • Digital Transformation: One of the significant themes was the digital transformation in industries such as healthcare, finance, and procurement. The focus was on streamlining and automating processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Workforce Management (WFM): One of the sessions discussed the benefits of WFM and best practices for implementation, providing insights for organizations grappling with labor shortages and wage pressures.
  • Supply Chain Management: The event spotlighted the unique challenges of supply chain management reporting and analytics in the cloud.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Day 2 started with a nourishing breakfast, preparing everyone for another day filled with knowledge and insights.

  • Expense Management: Attendees learned how to facilitate a faster implementation and increase time-to-value with best practices in Expense Management.
  • Employee Retention: One of the sessions dealt with how to improve employee retention in today's competitive job market, providing valuable insights into the modern workforce dynamics.
  • Transition Management: The event highlighted the latest technologies that foster collaborative employee engagement to improve effectiveness, cultivate team connections, and improve employee retention.
  • End-to-End Security: An important topic on the second day was end-to-end security within an organization's supply chain, with insights on how to navigate today's security landscape.
  • Extensibility Tools in the Cloud: A session was dedicated to helping attendees understand how to align the latest cloud-based extensibility tools with their current inventory and identify which types of customizations can be retired.
  • Best Practices in Reporting and Analytics: Day two closed with a session on best practices in reporting and analytics, helping organizations gain the most from their data.

Attendee Experiences

Amy Riechers’ journey at the meeting was marked by growth and learning. She expressed this, saying, "I have learned a plethora of information. This meeting has been absolutely productive." Amy attended her first East Coast Mega Meeting in 2019 and returned once more this year. What made the meeting special for Amy was the interactive learning environment, enriched by helpful partners. "The partners are great," she noted, "They're willing to help and answer the questions that you have, and also give you more resources to sit there and learn and continue to learn." Amy's takeaway? An eagerness to delve even deeper into Infor.

In a world dominated by Zoom and WebEx calls, Cindy Minter found immense value in face-to-face interactions. "It was great getting everybody back together again after all these years of virtual meetings," she commented.

Beth Highfill had special praise for the informative sessions. "All the sessions were great. Just had a great time," she said. She strongly encouraged others to attend future events. "Tell your friends. You walk in, you have a question, you get an answer, you take it home and put it to work the next day," she urged.

Sal Serafino praised the depth of technical knowledge available at the meeting. "I got a tremendous amount of information on some of the technical tools available to me that I thought I would lose when moving to a Cloud platform," he shared. In addition to the wealth of information, Sal appreciated the insights from Infor employees and consulting partners. "They bring so much experience and knowledge to the table," he said.

The Power of In-Person User Groups

Events like the East Coast Mega Meeting play a critical role in professional development. They serve as a crucible for new ideas and learning, offering a platform for attendees to learn from industry leaders, consulting partners, and each other. They also foster relationships that transcend the confines of the event itself, often resulting in ongoing collaboration and problem-solving.

Furthermore, these gatherings offer an opportunity for professionals to step away from their everyday work environments and see their challenges from new perspectives, guided by the shared wisdom of their peers. From technical know-how to the soft skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of modern business, the value derived from such meetings is immense.

This two-day event was an enriching and engaging experience, filled with insights, new ideas, and knowledge sharing. Whether attendees were interested in data management, supply chain security, or improving employee retention, there was something for everyone.

So, what’s in store? Here’s a list of the next Infor user groups that are on the radar*:

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