Everyone is a Salesperson! I once heard someone tell me that they were not a Salesperson. Although their mouth stated that, I did not believe it and laughed thinking to myself that I need to clear the notion that many people have about Salespeople.

Even though a person may not have the title that represents the salesperson who is responsible for bringing revenue into an organization. We as humans are always promoting or selling something such as a person, place, or thing, also known as a “noun”. Funny thing is…there are very few times when there is a sentence without a noun and neither a person promoting a person, place or thing. So yes, we are all salespeople of some kind.

I recently attended an Entrepreneur conference and the Keynote Speaker shared with us the importance of a promoting voice, for a product, service, company, beautiful destination or talented person. We are always looking to share great ideas to help someone or improve a process. So again, we are all Salespeople.

Promoting Voices – Most promoting voices can be heard, although can also be ignored. This voice normally is base on a positive or negative experience.

MyAdvice™:  Listen to both the positive and promoting voices because you might learn something that you didn’t know and be able to apply it to your business or personal situation.

New Technologies – Follow through with research based on the promoting voices to understand them in a deeper manner and to better understand if it is something you would support or recommend to someone else.

MyAdvice™: Even though there are ways of researching what people say, don’t always believe what you read as it might be wrong. So share your finding with others to help come to conclusion.