This is a special “Thank You” to all of the people that participated in attending the Infor Midwest User Group (IMUG) Spring 2022 event. If you missed this 200-plus-person online event powered by WorkOutLoud Venue and streaming sponsored by RPI consulting as a Diamond, you still have an opportunity to review the videos.

All of you may have not known that this was the first software launch for WorkOutLoud Venue and a premier provider of a community engagement platform. On May 5, 2022 WorkOutLoud Venue was launched, a new all-in-one, intuitive virtual event platform. “Building on WorkOutLoud’s legacy, Venue provides extensive management capabilities for hosting events of all sizes.

According to Chris Hellweg, senior HRIS analyst at Aspirus and President of the Infor IMUG Board at the time, hosted a 200-plus-person Infor user group event on Venue, “No other virtual assembly service comes close to Venue’s ease-of-use and consistent performance quality. A single sign-on gives participants the freedom to move between multiple concurrent breakout sessions without having to login to each.”

Unlike other community platforms that rely on external applications for event support, Venue manages the entire event lifecycle from pre-event invitation, registration, flexible payment processing, advertiser, and communication management to post-event surveys, reporting, and analytics that deliver insights for improving the value of future events. As a standalone service or integrated with the company’s community engagement platform, Venue manages multiple concurrent presentations, booths and other unique sessions. Supporting up to 14 presenters per session, Venue provides extensive chat functionality that strengthens event engagement.

The changing event landscape makes Venue a must-have addition to their face-to-face, and digital customer interactions for companies seeking to create inspiring moments that catalyze action around their brands,” said WorkOutLoud CEO Eric Lopez In addition to operating intuitively and seamlessly, our virtual platform integrates with CRM systems to support the entire customer lifecycle.”

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Below are all of the sessions that gave permission to display and are open to sharing their presentation to help support the people that were not able to attend for whatever reason.

IMUG Opening session: [Click on session title to view video]

Nogalis - Archiving Lawson Data  [Click on session title to view video]

When upgrading to CloudSuite, you will need a plan for what to do with your historical data before you can decommission your Lawson servers. You want a data archive that is intuitive, accessible, secure and accurate. In this session you will learn how many Lawson clients have archived their entire Lawson applications and decommissioned their Lawson servers

ROI - CloudSuite Success  [Click on session title to view video]

Prepare, Execute, and Optimize- The how-to's to make each phase a success!

Bails - Creating and Scheduling Recurring SCM Jobs  [Click on session title to view video]

Throughout the day and during the month there are several jobs available in FSM that can be created and scheduled to run automatically to help streamline processes and gain efficiencies for your organization. Come join us to review the list of recommended reports such as Inventory Valuation, Journalized Distributions, Warehouse Picklist Print, etc. that can be built as a job with set parameters, and then some of those can be set to reoccur reducing the need for user intervention.

MHC - Easily Organize Important Invoices While Working From Anywhere  [Click on session title to view video]

Whether you’re trying to manage paper invoices, or poorly organized digital invoices, inefficiencies will cost your organization time, money, and frustration. Learn how you or your remote workforce can capture, store, retrieve, and distribute digital invoices. Easily provide employees, customers, and vendors with the information they need, regardless of their location!  

Global HR Multi-Tenant (v11) Payroll plus a FREE Strategy Session - RPI [Click on session title to view video]

Infor GHR Payroll, also known as “multi-tenant payroll,” is here! This presentation will focus on the interaction between Global HR (GHR) and the multi-tenant payroll system, some tips & tricks for improved utilization, and how to implement this solution correctly the first time. Information is applicable to everyone from Infor users, managers, and leaders, to Payroll, Finance, and all of HCM/GHR. Come listen to some of RPI’s leading experts explain how to implement a better payroll solution that comes with your Infor CloudSuite solution. RPI has done multiple webcasts on this topic already, so we will point you to those. We will also be offering attendees a free 1-hour multi-tenant payroll strategy session with your team to help you jumpstart your GHR MT Payroll project! If you are interested in this session, please reach out to DJ Weisenberger at after our presentation.

Apex Systems - Infor Cloudsuite tech tools are great, but knowing WHEN and HOW to use each of them is better.  [Click on session title to view video]

This session walks attendees through key decisions to determine the best time and proper use of IDM, IPA, Configuration Console, LPL, Birst, Compass, App Studio, and other tools available to users within the Infor CloudSuite system.

Dashboard Gear - Reporting & Analytics  [Click on session title to view video]

Unleash the Power of Your Data – Dashboard Gear will show you how you can access your on-premise and cloud data in one reporting and analytics environment as well as their new suite of prepackaged analytics.

Kinsey - Simplifying Your Lawson CloudSuite (Landmark) Audit Reports  [Click on session title to view video]

Let us show you how we can simplify your audit reporting by using our security and auditing tools for Infor/Lawson CloudSuite applications. Such as Security Reporting & Auditing, Segregation of Duties Reporting, Activity Monitoring, Transaction Auditing.

Closing Session  [Click on session title to view video]

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