The number one question that I continue to hear is: How can I save time after sharing my idea?

Entrepreneurship is trending as well as coffee shops and breweries supporting thousands of wireless idea creators because of the resources that are available, the outreach through social sites and online communities.

Try to Save Time… It may take 10,000 hours before success may happen. If you don’t know what I am referring to when I say “10,000 hours”, then you need to read, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell to understand the concept of roughly 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a field. FYI…10,000 hours is approximately 417 days and don’t forget that time will fly by fast if you love what you do.

MyAdvice™: There are no shortcuts to Entrepreneurship, either you are all in donating 100% of your time to your idea, proof of concept and in search of a team. Otherwise keeping it to yourself which goes nowhere.

Share… Many people have amazing ideas, although are they able to execute and follow through to receive adoption into the marketplace? My answer is no and the reason why I say “no” is because more people are familiar with the stories of success. Although, what is missed is the hundreds of ideas that have failed before their big success.

MyAdvice™: What is “key” to success is to share ideas with many people, ask for advice, accept constructive criticism, and never give up. Some people have been known to have great ideas as well as bad, although it needs to be shared to make sure there is a need or problem to be solved. So do not be afraid to share your ideas. You never know who you might meet that wants to help solve the same problem that could empower the support of going to market faster.

Something To Think About:

NOT MyAdvice™: I was once told, “if you have the answer or an idea, THINK AGAIN, there is always more than one right answer”, thank you Eric Lopez! Eric Lopez, who today is my business partner after working with him for thirteen (13) years. He has had many ideas that generated many conversations around challenges that needed a solution to help solve communication barriers in business.