We believe there are 5 components to help your customers coming back for more products and support creating longterm business relationships.

  1. Maximize the effective use of your products - Ask questions through polls that show in the feed within the community real-time and create surveys that can also help better understand if your product is being effective.
  2. Deliver high-strength communications directly to the right customers - Based on profile questions required when a new member joins you are able to identify demographics of your members. Create direct messaging to educate and share any updates when needed. Our SuggestionEngine, which is our AI approach to connect the dots between people and content.
  3. Create a sense of community within your customer eco-system - Empower your customers to invite their peers into the community and collaborate around exciting topic and challenges to be solved. Reach out to current customers that might be considered experts to create a positive customer experience for others. Allow customers to search for peers, collaborate, stay connected, encourage members to share knowledge and post articles.
  4. Leverage intelligence and data to help you measure and improve - Based on the member profile the SuggestionEngine will suggest contact and drive people to follow what might be important to them to keep coming back to the customer community creating a circle of trust. Through surveys, polls, online registrations for meetings/webinars you are able to measure if you are improving the customers process and knowledge.
  5. Deliver innovative approaches that clearly differentiate your company from the crowd - Offer a customer community to improve the overall customer experience and Keep Your Customers Forever!