Are You an Elephant or Ant?

When you listen and stop talking, you might be able to take in more information as well as earn more respect by allowing other people to have a voice. You also may benefit from others opening up and trusting you more which creates stronger business relationships. There have been many times when I have been at a conference or networking event with many Elephants in the room.

Elephants in the Room – What is an Elephant? They are the people in the room that just trample in the room and talk about themselves before saying hello. It is good to network and share what you are working on and why you are there although, Elephants only like to talk about themselves and really don’t care why you are there or what you might be working on. Unfortunately, people run from Elephants.

MyAdvice™: RUN. These people will waste your valuable time when you could of have an interesting conversation with someone who is curious on what you might be working on. Which could lead to sincere advice or a business connection. The Elephant will always be an Elephant, so don’t try and change them.

Ants – Why Ants, you might be wondering? I think of Ants as very smart creatures, they live in peace, help each other, never give up no matter how hard or large the job might be and always have respect for their Queen.

MyAdvice™: Think like an Ant and other Ants will follow to help improve your surroundings and STOP stepping on their homes:)

I consider myself an Ant.