WorkOutLoud Conversations

WorkOutloud (WOL) Conversations is a mobile app that fosters communication and collaboration between individuals or groups as well as subject based, private and public “channels”.  With tight integration to your customer community, you can be assured that your customers are collaborating within your ecosystem. Your platform, your data, your policies.

The top 3 features of the Conversations mobile app:

  • Private & Secure to your customers, employees, and partners
  • Access to all the members in your community based on your rules
  • Simple and easy to deploy - available in both the Apple store and Google Play store

Feature list:

  • Native Apple and Android applications
  • Access to your entire member list - comprehensive search capabilities
  • Integrated into WOL apps such as:
    • Event Management - Create subject matter conversations based on an event, agenda item, or special interest group
    • Journey Management - Can be a destination for communications or actions from WOL Journey to improve on-boarding or just about any event that may occur in the WOL platform
  • Search for members by name or list
  • Find people online now
  • Instant message with 2 or more people
  • Create public or private subject matter conversations
  • Push notifications to ensure timely access to collaborations
  • Integrated “web app” is always available
  • Branding based on your customer community
  • A free extension to your premium WorkOutLoud based community


WOL Conversations is available today from both the Apple store and Google play store.  It will work with any WorkOutLoud based community.

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