SmartNPS™ provides an simple and easy way to deliver NPS and related questions to your customer and is an integrated function within the WorkOutLoud Customer Experience platform.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an effective algorithm for clearly identifying a “score” for a customer relationship or virtually any “subject matter” you would like to use an NPS approach to understanding how the customer values the company, product, service, or individual.

In addition to the actual NPS data collection and rendering, additional features that help you understand NPS over time and related analytic information that help you determine improvements or regressions.

NPS is a critical component and process in the workflow of improving the Customer experience.

Our passion and commitment is focused on helping you improve your customer relationship and benefiting from the outcome of an improved customer experience.  SmartNPS from WorkOutLoud is an example of the innovations we use to help you acheive your goals.