What does this mean?

This means the already seamless WorkOutLoud webinar registration just got better. Your WorkOutLoud registration will auto fill your GoToWebinar registration information. You just got 2 for 1.

  • Simple setup and repeatable registration process
  • Automatic posting of registrants to GoToWebinar - magic. :-)
  • Comprehensive profile segmentation of individual registrants and organizations
  • Integrated surveys
  • Pricing and ecommerce for your webinars when necessary
  • Integration to community calendars
  • Integrated collaboration before, during, and after your event
  • Integrated video playback and playbooks! 
  • Integrated email and social marketing of your event
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics about your event and audience
  • Integration to major CRM and Marketing automation solutions
  • Use your GoToWebinar account - Don't have one, no worries, we can help!
  • And much more...

In today’s environment, you need to be ready for anything.  Face to face meetings are great and still relevant, but sometimes you need more.  You need video and digital options.  WorkOutLoud is ready for you.

Contact us today for a 10-minute demonstration and see how we can completely digitize your customer meetings, improve your customer experience, and drive value to both your customers and your organization.

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You will never look at webinars the same way again.

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