Ok – Let’s assume you have assessed your situation.  You focused on SEO, you focused on your social strategy, your players are in place, and you are ready to start “socializing”.  You feel you did a good job on the context of your contribution themes with education and unique insight playing a core role in your efforts.  You have talked with customers and your own internal experts to decide what’s important.

Now what?

Treat your social efforts like you would treat a product launch.  Once again, assuming a good design, engineering, production, and marketing effort – you are ready to roll.  Focus on those first customers, your early adopters.  Understand and listen to them – they hold the key to your early success.  They will understand why what you are doing is important and how they may be able to help you.

It is important to understand the types of audiences you will need and the linear progression involved between your early adopters, the masses, and the laggards.  If you understand the most basic process, you will have a better idea what to expect and how to adjust.  By not knowing where you are at, it will be tough to improve and many times you will either quit or ramp up – both, without accurate intelligence will be devastating to your effort and maybe even your organization.

So… Regarding your social strategy:

  • Identify your objectives
  • Educate yourself (or have someone come in who is an expert) on what is available and how they are used
  • Strategize your content by defining your audience, along with a perspective on each social channel you will target and the demographics and demeanor of the audience
  • Make your plan
  • Execute, learn, and adjust

Just keep going – each “Follow”, “Like”, “Share” should be considered an inch.  Not one activity or post will always make the difference.  A smart plan and a vigorous effort is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for.

It’s a game of inches… it’s time to get started!

The video was narrated by @geofferymoore – an expert in and author of “Crossing the Chasm” and a whole series on strategy and innovation.