9/11 - Never forget...

It directly touched our "Lawson" (I worked for Lawson Software) family when we lost our colleague, Tim Haviland. Tim worked in Marketing at our Lawson Godward office. He actually sat a couple of desks behind me.

I remember his lanky body lumbering in fresh from his bike ride in, backpack, and a great big nerdy - yet, intellectual smile. He lived in St. Paul at the time... He was quick with his dry wit and a great big smile! Truly a pleasant and fun, quirky guy.

In the late 90's he met who would become his future wife... in a chat room no less (makes so much sense). His new wife had a child and he was so excited to start a new chapter in his life. He moved to New York after he left Lawson and began a career in computer programming. In fact by Sept, 2001, he had just been promoted and was in his new office.  Tim's new office was in the first tower, he was on the floor that was directly hit. I think of him often and certainly on this day.

We also lost another colleague that day, a woman consultant our leadership was working with.  A young, smart woman who was on the first (or second) plane - very sad day... So many other touching stories from those days - those are two that connected me to that day.

Today for me is a day for simple reflection, reflection that is focused on how I can help change this world. Being positive, smiling more, being more inviting to people who are different from me, saying "good morning" to a person I may not know. People, there is simply too much hate and cynicism in this world. We tend to relish the negative and promote division - This needs to stop.

At the end of the day, Tim was someones son, brother, cousin, friend, colleague, husband, father... He was you and me.

I will honor today by reflecting on what changes I can make that can make a difference. Pollyanish? Maybe... but every "collision" we have as human beings with each other can make the difference.

My 2 cents.

9/11, I will never forget.