is coming!

First of all... YES, we have a new collaboration solution focused on customer/product centric businesses coming out spring, 2015.  At this time we are targeting mid-April.  We are currently still building out functionality and market testing the new concepts, designs, and user functionality.  We have a strong advisory board representing the Retail, Healthcare(payer), Higher Ed, and Government industries.  Our advisors have many years of collaboration as well as large scale enterprise system experience under their belt and we appreciate their involvement.

When will you hear more...

Beginning late February, our marketing site will begin being updated with more detail and images of our upcoming release.  The marketing site will continue to build out with increasing tempo as we move closer to our actual launch date.  We expect free trial availability June, 2015.

Are customers using the solution today?

We do have a couple of alpha customers.  We also have a large 30K user/customer community that we are currently integrating… more on that soon.

Why is our solution different?

For more than 35 years, I have worked in an industry that has many companies with great products and many times, a very loyal customer base.  The enterprise solutions these people use are usually beneficial to their careers.  We provide a micro community that focuses on these types of solutions.  No Farmville, no inappropriate advertising, just people who have a common interest in the network of professionals and the solutions that they share with each other.  It’s quite simple.  We offer all of the tools they need to do their job and to self-organize.  Membership, Groups, Blogs, Feeds, Pictures, Cloud Drives, Event Management, Surveying, and polls.  We deliver this functionality with a simple, clean, and beautiful interface that works on any device and is branded as your company.

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So from now on... Happy Monday!