WorkOutLoud's Loring Kaveney and Eric Lopez had the honor and privilege to speak at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management's Entrepreneurial group this afternoon on campus.

A lively and intimate discussion talking about bootstrapping, failures, successes, networking, legal, marketing, and even how serendipity plays a key role in successful start-ups. Tremendous interaction from some very thoughtful young entrepreneurs. Impressed not only with the number of companies that these kids are driving, but also the global nature of a couple of the businesses... mostly Juniors, a few seniors, and even one high school kid that goes full-time at the UofM... Smart!

One of WorkOutLoud's core values is to share our stories with other like minded individuals. We try to learn, share, and promote hopeful and exciting futures.

Feeling humble and proud to be a part of this scene.

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