Don wants to “Work Out Loud”

Let me introduce you to Don.  An effective executive and owner of one of the largest and well known organizations in his industry.  Don is an engaged executive and does not hesitate to engage directly with his customers.  Don’s day is always full of activity so when Don uses tools, he wants those tools to be simple and effective.

Don’s organization is one of WorkOutLoud’s customers and delivers a branded, private community to his customers.  Don had something he wanted to share with the entire customer base.  Previously, Don’s team sent out an email communication using a popular outbound email tool.  He wanted to share this communication.

WorkOutLoud Collaboration Platform - Announcements

Enter: Auto Follow and Announcements

Don’s customer community was implemented with an “announcement” group that was also set to be “Auto Followed”.  This means that the system knows that this group is special and will treat messages set to a broadcast level of "Announcement" a little differently.

  1. Announcement Group was set as part of the implementation

  2. Don entered his message into the announcement group and set the post to be an “Annoucement” type.
  3. Don's message was seen by the entire community

At this point Don’s message was placed on all community members news feed and notifications page available on both the web and mobile.  In addition, a visually rich email notification was sent along with the links and communication to each member of his community.

Features utilized:

  • Implementation of an "Annoucement" group for Don to post to.
  • URL Preview w/ SEO integration - Automatically queries and validates the URL.  Retrieves all relevant SEO information such as Title, Description, and any imagery found.
  • Full visually rich feed and email notifications for Don's communication to his entire customer community.  Elapsed time for Don... less than a minute. :-)
  • Message Broadcast Level - Allows the owner of the communication to provide more instruction to the system as to how wide the "reach" will be for this communication.

Simple, Timely, and Effective.  

Don's working out loud... are you ready to #WorkOutLoud?