How comprehensive is your platform's profiling features?

Member/Customer Profiling represents the most important and foundational features of any community platform and implementation.  The Profiling capabilities of your platform have the potential to benefit you and your constituents most and can make the difference in many areas.  From suggestions and connections, to information accuracy and analytics.  Both the owner and the members/customers benefit from a complete and accessible profile based on end-user administration and policy driven business rules.

WorkOutLoud addresses Profiling first!

  • Community defined "attributes" allowing for an extendable profile graph
  • Business rules that can "stop and ask" the user for additional information that may be critical
  • Timers that may "re-ask" the user to verify their profile every 120 days or however long you set the specific questio to be reviewed
  • Gamification of non-critical/required information such as photos, cover photos, etc...
  • Suggestion Engine that Gamifies Connections, Group follows, Events, Surveys, and more.

Delivering Information Accuracy for all involved

Finally a good profiling toolset allows YOU to manage your required information, your non-required information, how and what gets placed in the Suggestion Engine, and finally how all information is stored and updated.  Integrated analytics for all parties plays a role in adoption and usage from the perspectives of a specific user, a community manager, and a comminity owner. 

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